Direct Investment Expertise

Bypassing traditional structures


We offer direct private equity investment opportunities on a deal by deal basis to family offices, private bank, UHNWI and managed on their behalf as a general partner.


We have built a team of talented, dedicated professionals to provide our investors with attractive solutions that leverage deep expertise and experience, global industry relationships and local knowledge.

In House Expertise

Our in-depth sector expertise puts us in a unique position to identify, value and provide opportunities in niche sectors.

Real Estate Investments

Securing Commercial Real Estate Deals


We expose our partners to bespoke, exclusive, high-yielding investment opportunities, designed with a short-term horizon to drive income and capital returns.


We focus on our partner's requirements aligning our real estate activity with family offices to foster multi-generational wealth preservation.


Our securitization vehicle is unique: It allows highly liquid real estate investments in a competitive tax framework.

Our approach

Bridging the gap between investors and entrepreneurs


We invest in sustainable and mature technologies sourced from top tier investment bank for the purpose of accelerating the growth of the financial ecosystem.


Our model does not rely on a portfolio diversification strategy, we invest in fewer deals solely within our areas of expertise in order to fully unlock intrinsic value of each investment.

Investment Thesis

By making investment decisions based on individual deals, we are free from artificial size, time or structural constraints, allowing us greater flexibility.

We innovate and build communities

Incubators & Labs

We finance the development of Blockchain labs in top tier university and build out a hub for developers. We recruit and train top tier talents.


We create and facilitate the discussion and interest in blockchain projects through organising conferences and meet ups in the community.

Uses Cases & Pilots

We assist companies to build uses cases to improve their efficiency. Opening up and sharing the technology by developing a licensing business model.

Our Track Record

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