We build markets

Connecting the community of buyers and sellers


We offer a global turnkey solution to our clients from account opening, crypto investment advisory, two-way liquidity brokerage, storage handling and advisory.


Having been a traditional blockchain venture investor for the past 3 years, we have identified a market need for post-ICO liquidity solutions. We offer continuous liquidity to both projects we actively invest in and other.


We assist companies listing their tokens on exchanges by being the mandated agent to use our client’s balance sheet and fundraising proceeds to support token prices during listings and provide order book liquidity.

We advise

Accelerating the development of blockchain projects.


We advise enterprises in shaping their thinking and preparing for the transformation Blockchain is having on business globally.

ICO Tokenization

We develop token utility and economic and incentivisation models. We provide access to other best-in-class service providers and coordinate their work projects.

KYC/AML Cash out

A state of the art platform as well as a AML/KYC procedure compliant with the FINMA to allow investors to cash out.book liquidity.

We innovate and build communities

Incubators & Labs

We finance the development of Blockchain labs in top tier university and build out an hub for developers. We recruit and train top tier talents.


We create and facilitate the discussion and interest in blockchain projects through organising conferences and meet ups in the community.

Uses Cases & Pilots

We assist companies to build uses cases to improve their efficiency. Opening up and sharing the technology by developing a licensing business model.

Our Track Record

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