A wide network and investment expertise allows us to carefully select 
the best deals and find exclusive opportunities.

We operate in two categories: Venture Capital, targeting fast growing tech companies
in the Global market, and Private Equity, targeting SMEs across all sectors in the European market in a Club Deal, Co-investment format.


  • Flexibility

  • Stewardship

  • Transparency


Investment Philosophy

We choose to carefully analyze business opportunities and only offer the best to our clients. We believe that investing in the right company at the right time is the best way to generate a good return on investment.
We offer a unique investment model thanks to our team of specialists that combines the best of both Venture Capital and Private Equity. This allows us to get our money back in as little as 2 to 4 years. This also makes us free of timing constraints, which gives us the flexibility to invest in the best companies, regardless of their stage of development.


Key facts on our direct investment operations:

  • 2.9x

  • $500M+

    Capital Deployed
  • 2.7 years

    Average Investment Duration
  • 30+

    Completed Transactions
  • Cloud
  • HealthTech
  • Blockchain
  • Cloud
  • Agritech
  • Blockchain
  • Fintech
  • Blockchain
  • Cloud
  • Cloud