Discussing the future of Healthcare, today


We often hear people talking about the danger of technology, and in the LIAN team we all have clear thoughts for this one:

“Technology is a tool which can be used for multiple purposes”.

Now if we think of technology being used for healthcare. The general impact is undoubtedly positive.

Recently, in the open space of LIAN Group headquarters, we came across an enlightening article discussing how digital health tools can significantly enhance efficiency and accessibility in health systems, particularly in African countries. We started divagating about AI-powered diagnostics, digital health tools, and the enormous potential of health technology or HealthTech. We talked about the impact of healthtech in big topics like controling Disaster Responses, Environmental Impact, or Reducing Medical Errors, but also on smaller topics, details that can make a difference such as a efficiency, cost reduction, streamlined workflows, quality assurance through digital tools, treatment personalization using data analytics…

It is just “that simple”. Overall improved patient care benefiting from digital support.

At LIAN, we’re not just passionate about innovative ideas; we are builders.

We believe in turning ideas into reality. One at a time.

Of course, not all the global healthcare systems are accessible for us, and we are very aware that some innovations in healthcare will still take time. But when we recognized the pressing need for a more modern healthcare ecosystem in Switzerland, particularly in the dentistry industry, we couldn’t resist the opportunity to make a difference.

Challenges in the Swiss Healthcare Industry

The healthcare industry in Switzerland is undoubtedly top-notch when it comes to medical expertise. However, like any system, it has its own challenges.

Swiss dentists, for example, find themselves entangled in time-consuming and repetitive administrative processes. These tasks divert their focus from their primary duty, which is providing the most qualitative dental care. We found out that since 2012, the time spent on these secondary tasks has increased by an average of 55%, equating to nearly a full day each week lost to administrative work for the average dentist. These challenges put a strain on dental teams and can impact the overall income potential of their practices.

Meet Cheeze – The dentistry network transforming Swiss Dentistry

Cheeze, as one of our Venture Studio companies, embodies the vision of transforming healthcare. Starting from scratch, our goal is to establish more than 20 Swiss dentistry clinics by 2027, beginning in the Romandie region of Switzerland. Just as the word ‘Cheeze’ is used locally as a familiar call to smile for a picture, our company’s name embodies our commitment to creating those radiant and enduring smiles. Our mission at Cheeze is to bring smiles to both doctors and patients, by fostering a positive and supportive work environment for our dental professionals while providing our patients with the highest quality care and cutting-edge technology for a healthy and confident smile.


Pictures displayed include Lausanne, Geneva, and Nyon clinics.


Cheeze dental network selects the best dental clinics in the region based on a precise methodology to ensure the highest quality of care. Our unique support model empowers Cheeze clinics to optimize their dental businesses while enhancing the patient’s experience. Each clinic member of the network benefits from:

Administrative Relief: We take care of administrative tasks so that dentists can concentrate on what they do best – providing excellent dental care to their patients.

Fully Digitalized Service: Cheeze operates in a 100% digitalized ecosystem, ensuring that appointments, records, and patient interactions are seamlessly managed. For instance, with the Cheeze mobile application, patients can schedule appointments effortlessly, avoiding unnecessary waiting.

Vast Network of Professionals: We have established a wide-reaching network of dental professionals, fostering collaboration and ensuring top-notch care. Our DSO conditions and our dedication to granting dentists autonomy in medical decisions provide practitioners with valuable support.

As we advance in the Swiss HealthTech landscape, we are enthusiastic about Cheeze’s potential to transform the Swiss healthcare industry – merging cutting-edge technology with medical expertise. Building a professional network in Switzerland, and through digital tools that automate tasks and enable scaling, we maintain a steadfast commitment to detail and a dedication to providing a personalized patient experience.

Cheeze dentistry network is currently present in Vevey, Nyon, Lausanne, Geneva and Monthey.

The future of Swiss dentistry is happening today, dites ‘Cheezzzze’ !