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Apply now to our NextGen LIAN Founders’ Marathon!

Applications for the Founders’ Marathon are open until the 30th of July 2024.

You have a killer idea for a startup but you are feeling stuck because of money and resources? You need a push to bring your idea to reality?

LIAN NextGen Founders’ Marathon is a unique opportunity to ignite your entrepreneurial journey and guide your startup to success.

Our Venture Studio keeps putting together the best entrepreneurial minds with the most efficient teams. Acting as a powerhouse where we provide all the tools and support you need to turn your idea into a booming business.

Concerned about Fundraising? We grant you access to our Investment Team. With a track record of success in the financial field, our investment team evaluates each startup’s potential and provides strategic financial support to fuel growth.
Worried about the team and resources to make it happen? We give you full operational support to build your company. No need to learn from your mistakes – we have already leveraged those learnings! Our team of experts will focus on planning and executing various operational aspects of your company to ensure that it will operate smoothly from inception to market launch.
Too many costs adding up? Finances are our strength – and they tend to be a concern for new founders. Through our cost optimization strategies and by allocating part of our team of specialists, we help you maximize resources and minimize unnecessary expenses, enabling you to allocate funds where they matter most.

Don’t miss the opportunity to participate in LIAN NextGen Founders’ Marathon.

To apply, send your full deck to

Remember, this marathon is the opening door for success. Our team will be looking forward to challenge your idea and give you valuable insights to make a lasting impact in the world of business.

Join us at LIAN Group and let’s shape the future together.