We go beyond just investing - we're hands-on operators.

About LIAN Group

LIAN Group is an investment firm building and funding successful companies, in the most impactful industries, while collaborating closely with accomplished entrepreneurial leaders.

We bootstrap companies to gain both financial and operational benefits, which we leverage within our Venture Studio to bootstrap businesses and to support the growth of our investments.

We generate value by investing not just money but also our time and expertise.


Every investment requires care and attention. We don't wait for it to happen, we're hands-on operators.

  • Entrepreneurial DNA

    We are serial entrepreneurs and investors, using our knowledge and experience to support founders
  • Exclusive deals

    We open our vast network both to our clients and portfolio companies to propose exclusive opportunities
  • Skin in the game

    Our interests are aligned with our investors as we work on a co-investment basis


  • 2017

    Establishment of LIAN Group

    After meeting at a blockchain conference, our founders Fiorenzo Manganiello and Nessim-Sariel Gaon, came up with an idea. Their vision was simple; to preserve a proactive and entrepreneurial approach to investments, and to empower entrepreneurs in their decision-making process. Their shared commitment to has endured, leading to the establishment of LIAN Group, and it manifests in their three distinct business lines: Direct Investment, Venture Studio, and Thematic Investment.
  • 2019

    Creation of the LIAN Foundation

    The LIAN Foundation stands as an art project with a dedicated focus on empowering millennial artists and fostering high-value creation projects.The Foundation champions has three primary missions, including interfaith dialogue, digital education, longevity, and well-being. To find out more about the projects and events orchestrated by the LIAN Foundation, visit lianfoundation.io.
  • 2020

    Launching of Cowa

    Anticipating the increasing demand for European Digital Infrastructure in the blockchain and AI sectors, LIAN Group took a visionary step in 2020 by bootstrapping Cowa, a company poised to become a leading provider of sustainable digital infrastructure. With a keen eye on the growing environmental consciousness, Cowa has designed its operations to run entirely on renewable energy, ensuring zero-carbon emissions and aligning perfectly with the burgeoning green revolution.
  • 2021

    Creation of EVOO

    The growth of the technology industry is not just limited to the private markets. Driven by a desire to bring its private market expertise to the public markets, LIAN Group created EVOO Capital to offer strategies in publicly-listed securities through Actively Managed Certificates (AMCs)
  • 2023

    State of things today

    With a committed team of 45+ employees, LIAN Group has a strategic focus on its Venture Studio business line, the organization is actively engaged in nurturing and uplifting successful companies spanning various industries around the globe.