About Evoo

Innovative tech-focused investment products

EVOO focuses on listed high-growth technology companies that are on a path to transforming their respective industries. Each investment decision is screened and vetted by a team of subject matter experts to identify ground-breaking technologies and potential applications. 

In a world characterized by rapid innovation and analytics-first approaches, our products offer our clients exposure to companies shaping the next technological revolution.  

Investing in trends

Benefits of thematic investing

Rather than investing in specific sectors or companies, thematic investing focuses on investing in long-term secular trends. Investors receive exposure to structural, one-off paradigm shifts that can transform entire industries and accelerate wealth sustainably.  

Step into the future – one investment at a time 


AMCs (Actively Managed Certificates):

  • Blockchain

    Blockchain technology provides disruptive business solutions to a wide range of industries

  • Cloud Computing

    From data hosting to data management, cloud computing companies have become a critical aspect of enterprise IT infrastructure needs

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    • Direct investment

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