Building companies to bridge market gaps

The venture studio is home to innovations with disruptive potential and meaningful applications across industries. We bootstrap companies from the ground up and scale operations for long term growth and benefits.

Along with a global network of relationships, our in-house team of operators and advisors bring both investment expertise and a strong track record of product design, development, and go-to-market.

Uncovering blue ocean opportunities and bridging gaps in highly fragmented markets.

How we work

Bootstrapping process

  • Business plan ideation
  • Talent scouting and team construction
  • Fundraising
  • Operations optimization
  • Marketing and communication
  • Exit management

Multiple investments are offered to investors through these businesses, including private equity, mezzanine bonds, and convertible bonds.

Business Ventures

  • Cowa

    Europe’s largest blockchain infrastructure, running solely on renewable energy

  • Anan

    High-tech data centers focused on cloud computing services

  • Restake

    Staking solution combined with unique features

  • Cheeze

    The future of dentistry in Switzerland