Empowering simplicity within the pharma industry
Empowering simplicity within the pharma industry

Often the over-reliance on bureaucracy leads to delays and unfulfillment of the common man’s needs. In truth, the biggest hurdle to better service is not inefficient product development but the way the services are delivered.

That’s the reason why Alto Pharmacy presents a smart solution to build a better coherence between the public servers by connecting pharmacists, doctors, and consumers through a single integrated channel. These efforts not only help the public get the best services but also make it easy for doctors and pharmacists to serve them diligently.


“Wherever the art of medicine is loved, there is also a love of humanity”

Alto Pharmacy is the largest online full-service pharmacy positioned to reshape the traditional pharmaceutical industry in the USA. Every stakeholder involved in this integrated system gets to relish the benefits of their innovative approach to serving the community:

  • For doctors

The excessive bureaucratization is eliminated and the distribution to the patient has been facilitated thanks to a digital prescription’s fillings.

  • For pharmacists

Pharmacists receive the prescription on their computer systems and prepare the order, also offering a product description and medical indications.

  • For patients

The customer can choose when and where to receive the product. Prescriptions and previous orders are automatically saved on the platform.

  • For Insurance companies

Alto Pharmacy works directly with insurers to manage paperwork and facilitate the reimbursement process for patients.


“The pharmacy of the future? Ask your pharmacist, not the Internet”

Alto is likely to succeed in the future due to an intuitive platform that continues to revamp the way logistics is managed in the pharma sector. Besides the vast growth of the past years, the strong link between the members of the management team has played an instrumental role in guiding the company towards success. Leveraging the experience and expertise of multifaceted team members in the industries of information technology and biomedical has helped Alto become an industry leader. Not to forget, the endless support of outstanding investors such as SoftBank, Greenoaks Capital Partners, and Jackson Square Ventures.

In conclusion, Alto Pharmacy is demonstrating how technology may improve and simplify the way primary services are provided, with a vision aimed to better anticipate the stakeholders’ needs.