How to change the agricultural business?
How to change the agricultural business?

In Lian Group we often discuss how traditional sectors can innovate with the disruptive business model, and what is more traditional than a sector with thousands of years of history?

After the “green revolution” around half of the 20th century, no relevant innovation happened within the agricultural industry. Moreover, we realized how the peculiarity of the sector doesn’t require great changes on the consumer side, but at the production level.


The reason for this technological stagnation, in an industry that is worth 3.2 trillion USD, may be recognized in the oligopolistic structure: a few established companies own the largest market share, and they don’t feel the need for a production chain renewal.

That’s why we were searching for a company with the courage to penetrate a concentrated market through disruptive innovation, and Indigo AG is demonstrating to be the solution to this need for a change.


“Indigo is positioned to be the category leader of the AgroTech industry”

Indigo AG is much more than a mere marketplace, it meets the farmer’s needs while simultaneously taking care of the environment.

By using natural microbes, the company improves the crop yield, the farmer’s profitability, and like a waterfall, the final benefit reaches the consumer.

Higher water-use efficiency, better optimization of fertilizers, and lessened use of pesticides & herbicides are among the many positive highlights of their innovative approach.

Going further along the supply chain, the marketplace provides farmers with a platform to sell directly to the buyers, meanwhile Indigo can handle the activities in between through a set of digital tools that help farmers to transport products across the world.

Indigo AG creates value via three business lines:


  • The Company offers an online platform that gives the possibility to growers and buyers for a real-time trade.
  • The marketplace guarantees the payment until a bid is accepted


  • Indigo Transport improves the logistics between producers and transporters
  • The platform automatically calculates freight costs and coordinates trucking


  • Indigo Carbon improves water availability during drought
  • The Company improves nutrient and soil retention during rainfall

Indigo AG is positioned to thrive in the future by using the technological revolution of microbiology, data sciences, and machine learning. The diversified business lines allow for growth opportunities and disruption on multiple fronts. Moreover, a key success factor entails a capable leadership with relevant experience within the startup environment as well as the management of agriculture and life science companies. The qualities mentioned above describe a unique company that has the capabilities to pilot the challenges proposed by the market.